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About Me
Today, in contrast with the usual stories of founders beaming about their niche technology startups, we bring to you the story of Poonam M. Mahendra.

Poonam is the founder of ShivShakti Healing and Guidance, which is a startup aiming to serve people in the spiritual domains.

The founder says, in today’s materialistic and hurried existence, people have lost touch with the spiritual side of life, which unbeknownst to them, holds the key to solving many of life’s greatest mysteries.

She says, having spirituality working for you, can help you charter the unknown waters of life, and it can successfully guide you through life’s ups and downs.
Poonam M. Mahendra
(Healer & Therapist)

Poonam is a certified healer and therapist, she counsels and even helps heal people with health, relationship, financial & career-related issues. She defines her work as working on the root cause of the problems brought to her notice by her clients and she help release blockages using different healing modalities. She adds further that, people having faith in the therapy and the willingness to change may experience benefits in the first hands on session itself.

ShivShakti’s clients come from all over the world, and are not restricted by any particular religious faith as well. Shiv Shakti’s aim is to help as many people as possible who have lost touch with their spiritual side and are willing to back in order to improve their future and brighten their life.

Many of you may wonder, about the privacy of a prospective client, but Poonam assures that clients have absolute privacy and she strives to help her clients as good as she can, in the face of any adversity whatsoever. ShivShakti offers a variety of services to clients such as:
• Theta Healing
• Past Life Regression
• Access Bars
• Tarot Reading
• Angel Therapy
• Realm Reading
• Magnified Healing

A look at her testimonials section will tell you the range of people who have faith in her and have visited her from all parts of the country and even from abroad.

A read through, will further show you a pattern, of gradual betterment in the life of the individuals experiencing Poonam’s healing touch.

The past clients had experienced a range of issues such as relationship issues, family troubles, and even career problems. But all of the client’s problems ended right in the therapy room and they walked out of their improved, all-new and full of energy willing to take on life and whatever it threw at them!

If you’re struggling to cope with heavy challenges in your life & need a helping hand.

Contact: Poonam M. Mahendra (Healer & Therapist)
For appointment call: +91 9987894488
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