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Feedback helps us to be in gratitude of the changes.

My family's experience:

• Our house energy has expanded there is a soothing healing energy all over.
• My father who could not walk without support due to weakness in the lower limbs has been able to walk without much support, feels peaceful and sleeping well.
• My daughter is feeling light, calm, not over thinking, more focused and can concentrate better.
• My helper at home feels very peaceful, light, no irritation, more of energy and keeps chanting I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you as much as she can
• My husband feels calm, peaceful, stress free and more of energy.
• Personally, I am feeling so light, peaceful and in Gratitude for these healing sessions. I am so glad I listened to my inner voice and put my name too for healing. I experience so much bliss and gratitude while praying for self and others

Thank you all for this wonderful opportunity.

Heartfelt gratitude to the heartfelt testimony!!

I trust shivbaba .I was in very disturbed state of mind one year back approx.i used to pray day and night for help from day I saw Poonams free shamanic reading .she gave me reading which was good.than I took one session from her ,which helped me to ease and made difference .I shared with her my problems and she is absolutely right .she was very keen on her intuition and she made me to do forgiveness almost for six months ,which otherwise would have not possible .she has always been stable and there for me in my one year journey .Today I can see I am enjoying all relationship and also own with self ,because of her .

Yesterday distant healing was again amazing .I felt vibrations in my body in between mediations ,and energy high.i could feel a difference in my state

- Amita
(Healer Nasik)

Heartfelt gratitude to the heartfelt testimony!!

Hi, Noticed a lot of changes in myself, feeling happy, empowered and positive. Besides, also observed changes in the behaviour towards them as well as their behaviour towards me. One more a full day maid ūüėõ. And the biggest change or if I may call it an acceptance I recd from a family member in respect of a very very significant aspect of my life. To sum up or cut it all short....can this ShivaShakti Distant healing just go on and on instead of just 10 days because everything looks and feel so perfect for now....

- Gitui
Hi...... thank you, baba, for your came in my dream 12 years ago. but I did not pay much attention to you then. But 2 years ago you again brought me to you. And since then there is no looking back. Through Poonam and Zubin u have awakened me. You have also been tough with me when I was not listening .that was because you had to push me to awaken me. I am so blessed to have you sort out my life. You have such dedicated people working for you THANK YOU POONAM AND ZUBIN. I LOVE YOU BABA AND I THANK YOU. Please keep guiding me.
- Kavita
(Mumbai Entrepreneur)
I was going through a very rough phase in my life where some problems cropped in whereas my child was concerned ...We were living a very happy life but then life is never a smooth walk, we have our hurdles in life. I was very much under pressure but once I got in touch with Meher Poonam I was like .. this is what I needed in life a healing session with Poonam got so many wonderful changes in my life and I am really thankful to her for coming in our life ... Now I want to take more healing sessions from Poonam and clear my inner self...
Jai baba

(Housewife,New Delhi)

The awakening of a soul is usually a period of dark nights and struggle, of turmoil and pain. The soul is ready to shift but the mind and body resist. Poonam and Zubin use their divine skills to bring about the inner awakening within the sacred space with sound energy and chanting to heal one’s soul self. I feel empowered to step into the next phase of life!
- Mumbai
Dear Meher and Zubin Love to you both‚̧ I knew something was changing in me... I was aware of my shift but not clear how to go about dealing with it... When your soul awakens it takes a toll on you, it can be disastrous if you don't know how to handle this beautiful transition phase That's when I met you both... Through your sessions I have learned to effortlessly walk my path and realise my worth on a deep soul level I know what I have learned and realised as a soul would have not been possible in this life time without your guidance and healing. This loving strength that I hold today in my heart has been channelled through your divine gift. Much much Love, immense gratitude and best wishes to you to both of always
- Deepika(Mumbai)
Poonam came into my life first. I had just been to MEHER BABA at that time. she asked a bit about baba and then started her sessions.....she was keeping a long gap between sessions, so I asked her why was that .i was getting a bit irritated as I wanted to move faster. I could see that the sessions were helping me. But, she insisted and asked me to do certain things while waiting for her next I look back and have understood how universe, the BABA helped. had a hand in this.......and to go back to Poonam she became very close to baba in the meantime.whenever I called her she was in Meherabad. I was now very irritated and I had also fallen and broken my leg so after a month of being back from hospital I called her to come and finish her sessions. She came with Zubin and since then my life has has totally changed. These sessions with both of them were so powerful that my life changed 180 degrees. What i was trying to acheive in the last 10 years just happened at once .There was a sudden shift in my life. It cannot be put in words as its an experience. I thank them everday for awakening me
- Kavita(Bandra)
The awakening of a soul is usually a period of dark nights and struggle, of turmoil and pain. The soul is ready to shift but the mind and body resist. Poonam and Zubin use their divine skills to bring about the inner awakening within the sacred space with sound energy and chanting to heal one‚Äôs soul self. I feel empowered to step into the next phase of life! Thank you ūüôŹūüŹľ
- Mumbai
Dear Meherpoonam and Zubin, There was nothing in my mind about doing a personal session,it just happened that I joined the healing group and after talking to Poonam,just decided on doing a personal session.The day before the session,both me and my daughter had a relaxed sleep after a long long time,which I shared with Poonam.I had pain in my knee and shoulder for the past one month and had anxiety and depression, which the doctors said was because of menopause.But,after about an hour after the session,I realized the pains had gone and I was full of energy, surprisingly my husband who doesn't want to go out after his work,came home left his briefcase and went out to finish some pending jobs.Thanks to both of you for blessing us all and getting me back to life.It is hard to believe but is actually what happened..... God bless
- Sandhaya Gupta(Mumbai)
I would like to share my experience. I used to have a lot of anxiety two years back and due to the same I couldn’t sleep well so I approached Poonam Ji for healing and after the session I felt calm and peaceful and could sleep after that. Poonam Ji is God gifted in healing to help people like us. Poonam ji thanks very much for the healing and great full to God he brought you in our lives. You are doing a great job Thank you very much.
- Rabindra Nairobi
Hi Zubin & Meherpoonam, I would like to share my experience I had on the very first day of the healing session. Firstly I haven’t meditated since months but yesterday when I read your 1st msg I felt so calm and peaceful that I closed my eyes and went into my heart space and did the golden chanting you mentioned and it took me to a different level of trance. Then just before sleeping I did the repentance prayer and believe it or not I couldn’t sleep since months and just after saying the prayer I slept well. I thank MEHER BABA & you both from the bottom of my heart and look forward for more blessings in these 10 days.
- Saju(Mulund)
Hello ji ... I can see change in my daughter behaviour also ,she has become more calm and she used to be in anxiety everytime....hope everything goes on well with her ... Thank u
- Vivek(Hyderabad)
This testimonial is straight from my heart. I will be giving you a very short experience but a very powerful n wonderful experience i had first with Meherpoonam n then with Master Zubin as they both work together n give out a wonderful 'YOU'.

My daughter, i was surprised, to see her welcome me as if i had gone out for a long time. She was V.happy to see me. I would very strongly recommend each n everyone to go for this wonderful healing which will give you vibrant positive results where each one's life is concerned. I have also passed this information to my friends n now i wish to spread my testimony by writing. Jai Beloved Meher Baba
- R. D. Contractor
Dear Meherpoonam. I cannot thank you enough for bringing zubin into my life.....I met zubin in jan. 2018 just after my operation for a broken leg and ankle .it was a very major operation....zubin walked into my life just then and since then my journey started.i have been  constantly healed by zubin emotionally  and physicaly.his journies helped my leg healing..i am seeing amazing things happening in my life. My connection with the universe is increasing  every day. I love his energy.he is a very caring and loving person.GOD bless him and poonam for being such giving souls.But please take care of yourselves to.  THANK YOU BABA.......I feel so blessed.
- Kavita
Zubin is more than an angel to me... I found my path just by being in his presence... So you can imagine the impact of his prayers and music...

Fears, anxiety have totally diminished as I began my sessions with him. I always take something back each time....
Sometimes it's confidence in my own positivity.... Sometimes it's clarity... More and more every single time.... 

My faith in him comes through his pure intentions that can be strongly felt if you are a person who can sense things around you.....

I guess that's what purity means...
Pure intentions
Unconditional love 

And more importantly never gave anything readily to me... Guided me to find it my own way ... Which makes me more confident and independent to move through my path

Thank you Zubin, Love and Gratitude to you always, Thank you Meherpoonam
- Deepika
My Dear Zubin,
I had a lot of questions unanswered pertaining to the choices I made regarding my life and my work and for all those who depend on me. I blamed myself for the changes and decisions I took.... When I did attend my first session with you, your peaceful aura, calming effect,  Baba's light and love made me understand that I do not need to beat myself up for making difficult but right choices. I learned to make peace with myself.  I received gifts such as hope, faith, courage, peace and most importantly, Baba's light and blessings. I am thankful to Zubin and Meher Poonam for sharing this sanctity with me. JaiBaba God bless. With lots of gratitude and love.
- Genevieve
I had my first healing session with Zubin uncle a while ago. It was a group session and I had experienced something so powerful for the first time. When he started playing the music it took me into a completely different zone. I felt relaxed, calm and peaceful. It made me disconnect from our everyday lives and took me into a different world altogether. I felt at ease. After the session, I felt like my energy had been recharged. I felt a lot more happier and lighter. I went for a few more group healing sessions and every one of them was a different and a beautiful experience. Later I took my first personal session with Zubin uncle. The session was a lot more powerful compared to the other sessions I had been for. I could feel the love, Compassion, gratitude, joy and peace during the entire session. After the session, I felt a lot of positive change in how I saw things. My days were a lot more better and happier. Soon I took another personal session and it helped me a lot with my studies, confidence and my concentration level. After a few more sessions I feel my power to grasp and learn things has increased which has really helped me to move forward in school and grow a lot more as a person. I want to thank Zubin uncle for helping me through my journey. And I hope that you continue to help people evolve as better souls. 
- Manushka Mahendra
To introduce myself, my name is Manuj and I’m a banker by profession. Just got added to the group today.¬†Thanks¬†Meherpoonam for adding me into the group.
I truly want to share my testimonial to touch and help change whatever lives I can.¬†Post completing this post I would be saying good night¬†(it’s gonna be a bit lengthy as I would like to describe my journey stepwise)¬†

Personally, I take myself as a good soul. I met Zubin at Mehrabad late December last year. Spent a couple of days together and for me , I just clicked with him. I could relate to him much better compared to others that I meet for such short durations in my life. We could relate and communicated well on all topics that erupted.

Early January was the first time that I attended his group session. Followed by 3 more. 

Things were good and peaceful with every session.¬†That half an hour use to be “BLISS“ On the 4 th session , which was close to Jan end he personally came to me before starting and out of the blue asked me to manifest in the session.¬†I was taken a back and was perplexed.¬†

By God’s and Baba’s grace , All is well with me besides a few hiccups here and there in life , which everyone has and is a routine.¬†I have nothing to complain as such.¬†

I was wondering what to manifest? I told him that no one in the bank has ever achieved 250 crs of new biz in a month and I would want to achieve it. Though, that was also the requirement from me by the banks management. 

Looking at the situation, it was tough and a uphill task. I used to remain stressed. There was tremendous pressure on me to get there by my bosses as well. I did as Zubin said and manifested that I have crossed 250 crs. February mid I took a personal session from him and post that could not attend any of his sessions due to work pressure.

I kept working towards my goal the way Zubin explained, day in and out.¬†By Baba’s grace, Zubin’s session and my determination, the manifestation became a reality and I touched the desired nos in March¬† Believe me it was truly amazing.¬†Till mid March it seemed doubtful, things changed and they changed for the better.¬†I’m now manifesting to continue this streak.¬†

Thanks¬†Zubin, love you Bro, you’re truly God sent.¬†Can’t even say God bless as you anyway are truly blessed by Him and by Baba’s powers.¬†One request Zubin, pls¬†take rest and care of your own health too, which will help you to help umpteen number of human lives that you have set yourself to touch and change¬†Folks, I would sum up saying, without exaggeration, make the best use of his healing while you still can.¬†

Love you all. Jai Baba 
- Manuj
My Real Life testimony with love and gratitude 
My dearest and most loving Dad. 

Its been around 2 months since I have been in Meher baba's light and self awareness of true unconditional Love, Joy,  Gratitude for the divine,  compassion for the wounded and self healing through balancing my inner energies and self. Dad, I wish and pray that your journey heals and helps all the divine souls to find and truly love their own self and light. Always be in the right awareness in the right  consciousness of Good Thoughts,  Good Words, Good Deeds 

Will love you always, truly and unconditionally
Your Daughter, 
- Delzeen Mistry
Hi Meherpoonam,

Just felt like thanking you for everything that you have done through the healing sessions which you held especially for me. I came to you when I had got depleted of my willpower and fighting spirit because of my medical condition.

I remember the first healing session. I know my soul is stubborn and was not opening up. Very patiently and slowly u have worked on the peeling off of the layers of emotions, turmoil, depression, and God knows what impressions.I had started bouncing back to normalcy and again started fighting the seeming ailment.

In the last healing session which was in person, you worked on me and it was miraculous. I was feeling so light n I was feeling very happy as if some kind of burden was taken away. Since it was difficult for me to come in person and you knew more healing was requiere, you took distance healing session which was no less energetic than the earlier ones.

Your patience ,steadfast handholding and healing has done the miracles. I am much much better, though the fight is still on. I learnt to overcome or hold my emotions and to stay unaffected. Wheneve i think i might sink, i call out to you for guidance. You immediately take over and see me through the situation.

I am grateful to you from the depth of my heart. Thanks for everything. Thanks for being there.
Love you.
Ma'am u have been Angel in my life and that too a real life Angel. The things which were stuck because of u started moving in my life. I would really recommend ppl to trust u and follow their heart, you have so much patience, transperancy & positivity. Healing which I was doing from years, I was now able to clear in few months. Waiting for more surprises now.
God bless you Ma'am.
- Amita
Profession: Healer
I was introduced to Meherpoonam through a close friend. When I first spoke to her and told my situation over the phone, she did a shamanic journey for me. We found out that my problems were associated with my ancestors.

It was from my Father's side of the family and related mainly to my Father and Grandfather. Since my Grandfather had passed away when I was just 4 years old and my Grandmother(Father's side) 2 years before I was born, I had no idea this problem was related to them.

What really surprised me was that when I asked other relatives in my family, I found out that Meherpoonam was Spot-On with her reading!

She also gave me remedies to follow which have helped me find peace and I feel a lot better now.

Thank you, Meherpoonam for helping me find peace
- Client
Hi, I took a shamanic journey session from Meherpoonam yesterday bcuz I was curious what shamanic journey is and based on my prior interaction with her, I knew she was a pure channel which got proved in the session as well.

In the reading, I became aware of my spirit guide, guardian Master and how to heal certain aspects of my life.

It was very interesting to me that just a couple of days prior I somehow randomly came across the pic of the guardian Master and felt drawn to it but bcuz I didn't understand the significance of it, I simply brushed it that m aware of the significance of the pic- that it was of my guardian Master (thanks to Meherpoonam's session), I will connect to the guardian Master more often.

In the session, I also got suggestions of ways of doing healing on certain aspects of my life.

Thank you Meherpoonam for the session!
- Client
MeherPoonam offered to do a shamanic journey for me... Which I obviously couldn't deny!

The amazing part of the journey was that she didn't have to like do it but it just came to her with only her beautiful intentions! How amazing is that!

The beautiful journey goes by she seeing me with a lioness who is amazingly graceful and charming and I am standing there with this majestic animal... Later the journey proceeds to a mystical image where I am with a mesmerizing white winged horse! This 'me' appeared to her to be very fairy like with a lot of sparkly dust and magic around and in my aura.. and I am happy and chirpy flying with the horse..

The message I go with this beautiful and completely mesmerizing journey is to be even more compassionate to humans.

When I was narrated this journey by MeherPoonam, I was completely in awe as I have seen myself with the horse a few times during meditation and I also am more compassionate towards animals than humans! So a complete validation that it was perfectly apt in every way...!

Glad to be one of those first few to get a shamanic journey from MeherPoonam.
- Client
Dear MeherPoonam,

Jai Babaji and the Divine in you!

My reading was a mentored message from the Masters and it guided me to believe that the journey I have embarked on is the way ahead... 

I have often wondered the reason for people being attracted to me. My ability to 'know', 'feel' and 'see' what one is going through. Hugging, relaxing in my lap or just holding my hand is something that is said eases away their pain; talking to me somehow provides a solution/guidance to their issues. You saw all this.

I have often seen white beautiful unrecognizable creatures of flight changing in the form of unicorns in my dreams but didn't know the meaning. White happens to be my favourite color. Now it all makes sense to me. The twin Swan you saw were the Yin-Yang in me who are in constant play together to balance my 'whole' being. The abilities you described resonate perfectly and some of them are being discovered by me in the Now.

Deepest gratitude for the Divine Soul in MeherPoonam to be able to fit the pieces of my jigsaw puzzle together for me and being the Harbinger of the Universe to enlighten my life purpose and Soul journey.

Love, Peace and Bliss to you,
- Sonal
I have been raised in a God fearing family and have been through the learning curve of life, my faith quotient accordingly has been pretty stable.. however I reached a bottle back situation where I got into complete negativity. I guess the learning curve of life had built up in my subconscious mind. I met Meherpoonam for a healing session and have found myself, myself esteem and the purpose of life back. I must say I feel cleansed and renewed, thanks Meherpoonam it is such a fabulous job you are doing.
Thanks to u for helping me find myself back, I had slipped in a different direction. God be with u always.
- VK
When I first started working with Meherpoonam, I was in an emotional mess as well as in a horrible shape as far as life was concerned. First thing that strikes you when you talk with her is her soothing voice which calms you down immediately and assures you that yes someone is there to take care of you. In the first session itself, I started calming down and my hyper mind began to resonate with all that Meherpoonam told me about our soul manifestations.

At the time I was in a bleak situation and couldn't see myself coming out of it, but when i worked with Meherpoonam and her affirmations, It slowly dawned to me that everything that is happening to us is a result of our wrong thinking, Meherpoonam was very patient when dealing with me and helped me to calm down. I remember calling her as many as 5-6 times in a day and she was always there to listen out to me. I also lost my cool once and still she explained to me very patiently. Over the period of time, I found a profound change in myself and my family members and my problems have subsided to a great extent and are becoming lesser day by day. Also the daily messages that she sends me in the morning seems to be send to me specially for my problem by my Angels. In my case Meherpoonam is my Angel.

After Yesterdays session where by she healed my younger self and then later told me some things which were exactly the same words I needed to hear and which were floating in my mind since the last few days .Its magical as to how she can read my mind and let me know the answer and confirm my doubts. I have changed from a fearful negative person to a intrigued positive personality and would like to give this credit to Meherpoonam .anyone facing problems or feeling stuck should definitely reach out to Meherpoonam to clear away all the problems. This is an investment for our soul and our spirit, We owe it to ourself.
- Neha
Two months before when I first started my sessions with you, I was completely heartbroken with things that shouldn't have mattered to me. But your healing session, affirmations and my resolution to work through the pain was strong. After the healing session I actively participated in the dance and music, an opportunity presented to me to heal my own soul. I felt much relieved and happy as the healings began. Still the confusion remained and there were episodes of stress with headaches and migraines. The third session where we worked upon me feeling unloved and unwanted was a very deep experiential healing. The affirmation which you guided me after the healing session was a powerful one.

There were a lot of releases after the third session, pain in abdomen was felt through 2-3 days and I was sceptical whether I could travel to the ashram for 4 days with the intermittent pain. However the affirmations worked like magic, there was no pain while travelling which I had comprehended. Two days before the journey to Ashram I wrote down affirmations to heal my stomach in addition to that which you had guided me with. Healing has begun for me though I am regularly taking prescribed medication.
- Swapna
Yesterday she felt something in each part of body. I don't know what. She is not able to describe it anyways. Mummy has expressed her gratitude to you.
- Client's mummy
First two days there was too much Negativity. Especially and only related to the surgery which is to take place in near future. I was getting the vibes that I am not going to see through this surgery. These thoughts were there even before the healing started and it became very strong. So much so that I was not able to talk myself out of them. But yesterday and today I am much calmer. But gratitude to you from all of us. Divinity knows what is best for us and you are doing everything to invoke it. So the best has to happen.
- Client
Hi Meherpoonam !! I have taken distant healing for my husband and I see him releasing lots of negative energy and he actually talked about it, so definately a shift towards betterment !! Thank you for the healing.
- Client
Today has been little restless. Overall last 4 days have been much better than last few weeks when I was reeling under a massive aggravation. But it is still much better than what it was before the healing started.
- Client
Today, though physically tired, i am feeling very positive, light in spirit.
- Angel Preeti
1st day lot of emotions were coming up like confusion, releasing emotions, anger. 2nd day Being in the now much more calmer, peaceful consciously being led to focus on the soul and being peaceful inside out. 3rd day was more of acceptance for me. Listening to my body's need sleeping more.Heaviness in head reduced considerably after 2 days.
- Client
Feeling light and sleeping more these days.
- Client
Hi Meherpoonam. I have been away from home since 2 days. So nothing to share on personal front. But on the professional front, I have been having quite smooth sailing through unplanned events and expectations from the office seniors, since past 2 days, which has not been the case previously under such circumstances. Personally feeling contented.
- Client
I am experiencing pain in lower abdomen since last two days. Sleeping n relaxing today also. More focused on workouts and balancing emotions mind and thoughts.
- Client
I am regaining my lost hope. Iam more positive and feel more powerful than before more confident than before I have seen miracle even before by ur healing but this is more powerful than before.
- Client
Hi, Since 4 days have followed your messages and chanted as advised... Am feeling good, some awareness and positive approach towards few things which was not able to come in terms earlier.... Thanks
- Client
Dear Ma'am,
Thank-you for all the affirmations and the healing sent. I could relate and connect with almost all of them, found some difficult to believe and reiterate as I was not attuned with myself. A lot of negativity, came up on the first day itself, but slowly and steadily the healing process initiated made me think, feel and analyse my own behaviour and imperfections. I have come to a realisation that healing is a never ending process and eradicating negativity takes time, dedication and faith in myself and God. Each of the affirmation was beautiful and guided me to the core. Witnessed a lot of releases and physical pain too during the entire process. Today I feel more relaxed and comfortable. Many realisations also dawned upon making me feel guilty of not being focused on following my soul plan. Had developed habitual procrastination and indecisiveness. However now I am being pushed to expand my own comfort zones by my loved ones. I believe, focus and action shall help me in achieving my soul purpose and realise my dreams. The hooponopono prayer is helping in forgiving self and others too, and a beautiful thing to start and end my day with. Love and gratitude.
- Angel Swapna

Hi Meherpoonam

Today is the last day of the 10 day healing program... and I see some shifts within myself and my family. We had a few outbursts which came up for release ... some of us got a little sick as well during the course of this period but it was all for purposes of release it seems. I would like to thank you for this beautiful process you have taken us through with your healing energies and the constant support we received from you!! Thank you

- Client
Hi Meherpoonam so even i hv seen a tremendous shift in myself , im letting go all things , im forgiving everyone including myself, i no longer hold anyone responsible.
- Client
As the testimonial want to tell you that you are a treasurehouse of positivity ma'am, extremely sweet and humble, ur spirituality love and care for a girl , for me, a complete stranger had shook me to my very core. The explanation of each and every card was Vivid and you assured that each and every word of urs was grasped by me. Ur intense politeness and purity of heart has enlightened my life and I hav realised that it's getting even much brighter.

Thanks alot Ma'am, starting that day with the chakras, Colors and spiritual knowledge and then learning tarot for throughout the day was fun-filled and extremely pleasing and its experiences helped me muster confidence and enrichment. U r capable of bringing a drastic change into someone's life leading to goodness, peeling off the darkness. Thanks for accepting me as your pupil. May God shower lots of blessings on you. Lots of love respect and gratitude
- Sayali
Thanku Meherpoonam Ma'am for transforming my life. When I first met u I was a body with no hopes n aspirations for my life and too confused. But in one healing session u have converted me into a meaningful soul who can change anything with her thought process u have boosted a self confidence in me and made me feel important. Also my relationship with my husband improved and I could not believe that few days back I was thinking of divorce. A healer is the one who can practically change someone's life n not only just say they can. And u r the one. Thanku Ma'am lots of love n wishes,
- Shilpa
I have no words to thank you. I was gng through such a bad phase of my life in fact all my life I cud see in dark. I was getting divorce by my husband. An wen I met u ma'am n u just explained the situation to take it in a positive way forgive n calm down n sd to chant n allow the angels to work for me just chant. Tat worked within 5 days tat miracle I still can't believe it. A person who hated me has started loving me with no end. I'm so happy just bcoz of u. I m blessed to have a angel like u in my life. I'm today happily staying with my family. So very thankful to you. Thanks for ur guidance N helping me in making my relationship healthy day by day. Ur healing sessions are full of positive energy n strength.
- Kashish
I contacted Meherpoonam ma'am about my relationship problem that i am facing with my wife since last 5+ years. I contacted her during end of July 2016 and had my 1st session in August 2016. She advised to work on myself to heal the relationship and therefore stop the turbulence that i am facing in this relationship she which is affecting our entire family consisting of 6 - me and my wife, two daughters and my parents. The first session was really good. I felt lighter and better. However, I took time to decide on taking subsequent sessions and went to astrologers, tarrot reader etc to seek solutions as i wanted to leave no stone unturned. However, i had decided to complete the healing sessions with Meherpoonam ma'am as i knew, as a spiritual person, the self healing is important for solution and my own spiritual growth. I resumed the healing sessions again in Oct 2016 from session# 1 again. I can tell you, i have seen a dramatic improvement in relationship from session # 1. The turbulence is reduced, the severity is less, my parents, daughters are calmer and can face the turbulence better than before and most importantly i am calmer, much calmer than before. Pleasant surprise is my shows a lot of affection and care than before towards me. I have completed three sessions so far the latest one just a few days ago. The effect is tremendous. I was worried on daily basic about the turbulence or like a explosion which affected y woking time, my personal life, and my privacy too. Now, i am at peace as the turbulence is much less. There are a few issues still left such as some changes in furniture placement out of fights, kitchen timings etc and i hope it will be resolved sooner. I am feeling confident. The change so far in quality of my life in phenomenal, thanks to ma'am. She is guiding in my journey of self improvement and i am really happy to have contacted her and decided on taking the healing sessions. I am looking forward to further healing sessions to have further improvement in our lives so that we can live our lives to the fullest.
- Atul
Meherpoonam Mahendra helped me like a elder sister to change my life her healing is pure as God's prayer. She does healing from her heart. I called her many times without seeing the time whether it's day or night even midnight she always was there and she prayed without any conditions.Today due to her my condition has changed. Thank you is very small word in front of her prayer.
- Ravi Gouthi
Warm greetings to one and all One year ago I was suffering from a medical and emotional condition from a long time, had been to many doctors and tried various type of healings, that's the time I came across Meherpoonam and tried a healing session and by gods grace first healing itself I had recovered almost 90%, and this gave me so much relief and confidence. Since then any uneasiness or uncomfortable feeling I always rely on Meherpoonam for her healing and it always works, her way of healing is very different and she works and charges very sincerely. As far as I have observed her scanning and clairvoyance is very accurate. Her first Moto is the comfort of her patience. I would recommend people with faith and sensitivity, try a session from her to feel the difference. And here upon whatever I have mentioned is true in my best knowledge and what experience I have had from Meherpoonam. Thank u Meherpoonam and may God bless u and may u be a channel for healing people.
- Taseen
I was going through a difficult phase in life with absolute no clarity about the future.I happen to meet Meherpoonam di, and what a woman of substance she is.With her smooth calming voice and a patient ear, she slowly and miraculously helped me overcome all my stress. I am a difficult person to deal with, but she has been so patient that her calmness and ability to handle people and their minds amazes me... 

I am still in the process of healing  and not a day goes when I dont thank God for her....She with her calm, mature nature makes you feel so much at ease and that itself is such a stress buster.....Di, I cannot thank you enough...God bless.
- Dr. Mahi Desai
I was going through  a very rough phase in  my life with lots of stress, grudges towards people, health problems   and many more emotions about which I was not even aware of. Then, I  came  to know about Meherpoonam through one of my close friends who recommended me to have a healing session with Meherpoonam and people let me tell you only one healing  session and my life has changed. I am a   completely different person now. Forgiveness, clarity in  thoughts, kindness, positive  approach are the qualities that  she has imbibed in me. Its  like I am a newly born after this  session of Meherpoonam. I have  started  standing up for  myself and realized  my own  value. Meherpoonam is an angel for me whom god has sent to support  me and care for me  in hard times. Last, but not the least,  thank you Meherpoonam for  being such  a wonderful support and motivation and keep showering your blessings.
- S.M.
Hey lovely people,
I happen to come across Meherpoonam through Facebook and I must tell u that she's a amazing person with wonderful ability to heal people.
I got a healing session done from her and amazing I got healed and feel fantastic. I had tried lots of healings but hers is amazing and works efficiently. Just in one session I see so much difference I wonder one or two more would make me a new born child. 
Poonam Mahendra makes u feel so comfortable to speak to and goes to root cause of the problem and extracts the problems from its roots. Her voice itself is so soothing. 
Thank u Meherpoonam ji for all ur efforts and kindness its will always stay in my heart  Lots of gratitude, respect and love. Keep loving and spreading joy.
- Thasen Kauser
Dear Meherpoonam, 
Amongst all the healers I must have come across.. you were the chosen one.. why u were picked and how I picked u, I've no idea..but I am SO thankful to the universe for giving me the guidance to pick you.. you are an extraordinary individual.. so genuine.. so full of love .. an ocean of love is even too mild.. someone who posesses clarity,insight and is non make me believe there r nice ppl like u on the face of this earth..after holding in so much anger,stress and the session I felt much unimaginable amount of trash was released.. all thanks to u..I look up to u.. I seek guidance from you..truly respect u and appreciate the fact that u help so many ..knowing you is amazing..seeking guidance from you is divine..once again I thank you for ur encouragement ,support,understanding.Having you by my side means a lot to me..makes me feel I can overcome ..I can overcome anything..A huge heartfelt thanks plz continue to guide and support me.. for without you I shall be no where. This is direct dil se ha.. no hog wash...lots of love.

- Riya M.
Marketing head

I was facing major relationship issues since many years & i was feeling very depressed bcoz of it. I thn consulted Healer Meherpoonam for relationship healing & it did wonders to me. In the very first healing session i saw amazing miracles in my relationships. All my relationships started resolving. It started helping to meet my soulmate. Thr was mre positivity, harmony, peace & love in my relationships. Things started wrking in the postive direction. I felt mre calm, peaceful, confident & positive abt myself & my relationships. Thanks a lot Meherpoonam.

- Poonam Shah
In my healing session I went through a lot of releases of emotional baggage which was stored since childhood & many lifetimes. After the session my relations at home & around have improved, I have also started eating really healthy. I was a hard-core non-vegetarian but since a week, I have been following a vegan diet, which very strangely, I am enjoying and the best part I've lost 3 kgs too. It’s like magic. I am definitely going to her for the next session and looking forward to it. Meherpoonam is also a very sweet, warm and helpful person who shares all that she know during the session. I had no problems whatsoever in sharing any details with her.
Thank you so much, Meherpoonam. God bless you.

- Supriya Devnath
Worli, Mumbai
Meherpoonam, you have no idea how thankful I am to have come across you. It has made a world of difference in just couple of days by clearing away lot of negative energies within me. I have been hurt deeply and just post 1 session with Meherpoonam, I am coming back to my natural ease. You really are blessed and I thank you from my heart. A great deal of stress has melted away from my consciousness and the wonder of life is being entered in my soul again.

It's not just limit the session but Meherpoonam keeps in touch post it and keeps sharing motivational articles and videos which helps me to come back if I start deviating a bit. An ordinary THANK YOU is entirely inadequate for your help in healing me.

~Kalpana Desai
Software engineer, Mumbai
I would like to share my wonderful  experience I had with Meherpoonam as my Healer.

This testimonial which I am sharing will inspire everyone. I was going through a very rough phase in my life Emotionally which include , my past life, my relationships & my career. I was in too much emotional pain & was very depressed with my life. That’s when I decided to consult a Healer.¬† I came across Meherpoonam through facebook. When I read her articles on facebook my inner voice guided me to consult her. It was like an angel in front of me guiding me towards her. So I decided to visit her.
On the very 1st session it was like a miracle for me. As she did my healing I started feeling very positive & I was completely at peace by the end of the session. She changed my entire mindset on the very first session. I become strong enough to deal with my emotional & my relationship issues. With her healing I started feeling more confident about myself. This guided me towards Meherpoonam even more strongly. Then I decided to have 2nd healing session. With this session all my issues started surfacing & I could see my path ahead clearly & I was able to take decisions for myself with lot of positivity & confidence. It boosted by energy to the higher level . I started feeling more happy, positive, strong then the 1st session.

As days passed I saw positive shifts happening in my life. So I decided to go for a 3rd session & this session changed my life completely. After the 3rd session everything started falling in place. My past issues got completed healed, my relationships started growing in a positive direction as it was a miracle.
My relationships started improving bring in lot of love in my life. I learnt to stand up for myself, my career issues started resolving. I was going through lot of turmoil in my job. But the solution started coming as a miracle. Suddenly everything started falling in place in my job. I could see a new beginning of my life. I learnt to let go of things that were not good for me. My confidence & positivity just boosted to the next level where I completed changed as a person. All the negativity started getting erased from my life.

Today I feel totally blessed that I am across Meherpoonam. She has played a role of an Angel in my life. She is not only an amazing healer but an extremely loving, warm & helpful person. She supported me at every step going beyond healing, counseling me giving me her precious time talking with me for hours. And that affection of her was my biggest motivation. She helped to be independent in life making me realize my potential & strength which I would have probably have not known if I had not come across Poonam Mahendra.

The major change she brought to my life is that I grew Spiritually more deeper & stronger. She guided me to have faith & trust in God & Angels whom I had never trusted before. And this faith & trust in god, angels have just changed my life. It is like a new life given to me. All thanks to Meherpoonam for everything she has done. She has a divine gift of Healing people & I am extremely glad & blessed to come across Poonam Mahendra as my Healer. God Bless her. Love & blessings,

- Ms. P. Shah
Dear Meherpoonam you are a wonderful person I have come across and one of the best things happened to me!
Your healings are very powerful after the healing session I feel very calm and peaceful in my mind and gave me lot of positivity and your guidance has been very helpful to me. Thank you kindly for your time I value the insight you have provided. Thanks for your valuable guidance also you are very friendly and easy to talk to. Also thanks for answering my queries and enlighting me.I am great full to God that I met you Meherpoonam Ji.
With lots and lots of love,

- Rabinder Sohan
I would like to share my experience I had with healer Meherpoonam regarding clearing my house energy. Before i consulted healer Meherpoonam for clearing my house energy, I was facing a lot of issues in my home. My mother in law expired about 2 and half years ago, I could sense her presence in the house all this while & our house energy was very disturbed we had alot of fights in the house.

The energy of my house was very heavy & depressing due to the entity issue and on going fights. I was living every single day in fear and could not sleep properly.
Thats when i decided to get my house energy cleansed. So i contacted healer Poonam Mahendra who is also my healer and teacher. She visited my place & she did the cleansing for continuous 11 days. The magical part of healer Meherpoonam was that the very first healing session tht she did at my house i saw the energy of my house becoming extremely positive frm extremely negative. The entity issue was completely resolved & healer Meherpoonam very beautifully removed it & since then the energy of my house has become so positive.

There is complete peace & harmony in my relationship with my family members. All my fears are gone & I am now living & sleeping peacefully. My daughter and hubsbands relationship has improved where as before this they had huge fights. Healer Poonam Mahendra has been the best healer & a teacher for me and my family. She has resolved each & every issue with lot of love & personal touch. I truly thank her for coming into my life & i feel completely blessed to have her in my life.

- Preeti Pradip Shah
Andheri (West), Mumbai
First session with Meherpoonam: Felt so good after this session. Motivated and ready to tackle whatever comes up. The week has been really up and down. Still feel a bit everywhere emotionally to be honest. But physically, I don't feel so heavy. Started using energy work and found it really effective and empowering. Found it a bit hard with going back to old memories, must be a block there or something but I feel safe and relaxed with Meherpoonam and I know as we go on it will become easier.

Ever since I have seen you my life has started shifting in the most awesome way possible and its like a ripple effect and it just keeps coming and coming. When I came across Meherpoonam I was a lost and confused soul with a lot of anger. Since my sessions with her my life has taken the most beautiful new turn. I am motivated and excited about my future and at peace with my past. If you are someone looking for joy and happiness in your life and feel ready to let go of the things holding you back I would highly recommend Meherpoonam. She is a beautiful and compassionate healer, with a unique and gentle approach to confronting your demons in life. If your ready for New Life, then your ready for Meherpoonam.

- Prasanna
Asst manager HR & Admin
I would like to share my experience of learning Magnified Healing certified course. Firstly I want to thank you for coming in my life like an angel you have been my healer and now my teacher. You are an excellent teacher & excellent person. My experience with you has been phenomenal till now. I saw changes in myself after the course. I felt my blockages started releasing. All the physical and emotional pain I was holding on to started releasing. This healing modality and done good to me I have started listening to my intuitions. You taught me so well that from the very first day I could do my healing exercises well. You have been my backbone and a great healer who's helped me transform my life. You've brought miracles in my life and have truly been my guiding angel at every step. Thank you.

- Poonam Shah
I was in great emotional and body pain and was searching for a therapist every social networking sites asking people and one lady replied to my post. I called her at the other end of the phone lady sounds positive and warm to me as she understood what I am going through so I decided to meet her the same evening. Evening I see her welcoming me with a warm look and smile on her face.

When I met "Meherpoonam" my neck hand and arms were in real pain, she started talking to me with all care and warmness and in the second sentence she got the root cause of my pain. It was "Magic" for me as a first timer to any therapy and I was getting out of my pain step by step, want to thank Meherpoonam for curing me from my pain and I'm looking forward to meet her again so she can help me to live a better life. All love n good luck to her so she can treat people like me.

I had a nice experience I have without any efforts lost some weight due to releases from my body. I have stopped worrying about my past. I have forgiven everyone and more importantly my own self. Energy level is great I can feel energy in my hands too. Meherpoonam as a trainer was fantastic and gave us more than what the course content was. Thank you.

~Kshitij Sharma

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